A readily available first aid kit can save lives

First Aid Kit

First aid is a requirement in all work environments, and its initial objective is to preserve life and then to ensure the continuation of life. A person can suffer a heart attack or stroke or other serious life threatening illness whilst at work. Workers may have conditions or disease and choose to continue working whilst in a remission stage when they feel capable and want to continue working in their job. Incidents can also occur at work causing injuries to workers where first aid is the first response.
The type of first aid provision is dependent upon the work environment: an office environment, which is low risk, will require very basic provisions whereas a healthcare environment such as a care home will require more complex provisions.

Legal requirements of first aid
The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 requires employers to provide adequate first-aid equipment, facilities and competent first aid personnel, also providing information about first-aid arrangements to their employees. This can be done through visual displays of where first aid equipment is located, and details on first aid provision in the work environment should be communicated to all workers during induction
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