Sanitary Bin Disposal Services

Why Choose Principal Hygiene for Sanitary Bins?

Principal Hygiene Ltd offer a range of sanitary bin servicing across the UK, unlike some of our competitors we understand the importance of finding a solution that works of individual customers from mixing and matching colours of sanitary bin bases and tops to service frequencies that works for your business, if it is feasible and practicable we will try and deliver. When you call us, we will answer the phone direct with no waiting, and can provide you with a quote within the hour.

Our sanitary bins are designed to minimise dirt traps, unit covers are reversible for easier installation and hygienic no-touch hands-free operation. Available in two sizes 23L and 15L in White, Grey, Designer Black or a mix of White or Grey Base with a Silver top we have a sanitary bin solution to meet your requirements.

Still in Contract? Don’t worry we will find a washroom solution that works for you and by signing a forward dated order you will secure the best savings we can offer with no hidden price increases.

To help you make the right decision why not visit our Sanitary Waste FAQ archive, the purpose of our FAQ is to ensure you our customers can source the answers to the questions you often struggle with when trying to decide how to ensure you have suitable provision in your washrooms.

Our Sanitary Waste FAQ includes answers to all of these questions:

• Why do I need a Service?

• Is this a Legal Requirement?

• Offensive/Sanitary Waste – How do I manage the Risk?

• What is a Waste Transfer Note?

• Do I need a Waste Transfer Note for Sanitary Waste?

• How Often Should I Receive a Waste Transfer Note?

• What are Standard Industry Codes (SIC)?