Improve hand hygiene throughout your workplace with cotton roller towels. Regardless of the range of hand dryers and paper towels available in the market today Linen roller towels continue to be the choice for many working environments due to their superior hand drying effectiveness. Helping to eliminate more bacteria thereby reducing the risk of spreading workplace infections.

With the roller contained inside the cabinet each hand dry rolls the dirty part of the towel into a separate compartment away from the clean towel, not only does this remove any contaminant leaving a clean fresh towel for the next user, It also avoids the need for waste bins in washrooms

Roller Towel Hand drying removes water, soap, dirt and dead cells from hands reducing the risk of cross contamination, it is cotton towels that provides the superior performance in eliminating both traces of bacteria and dirt from hands.

Roller Towel Service Includes:

Roller Towel Dispenser

Roller Towel Dispenser

  • 100% cotton towels for strength and absorbency
  • Regular collection and delivery
  • Stylish Cabinet design in chrome or white
  • Free spare towel supplied for each cabinet
  • Blue or white candy striped towels

The Green Option:

Cotton roller towels are the Green Option, no more paper filled bins, or noisy hand dryers. With Roller Towels you benefit from tidy washrooms, reduced costs and hygienic environment.

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