Our Pharmaceutical container range are coloured coded Blue both base and Lid to clearly differentiate from the sharps range of containers we offer, from self-locking final closure lids conforming to British safety standards to clear labelling and container sizes from 5liters to 60litres we can offer a Pharmaceutical container to meet all requirements.

Our range of Pharmaceutical containers have been designed for the safe collection, transportation and disposal of medicinal waste in original packaging. The correct documentation is essential when disposing transporting and disposing of all pharmaceutical waste, it’s our job to ensure we provide all the documentation required to prove your legal compliance.

When we collect your hazardous material, you’ll receive a consignment note detailing the type of waste, its EWC code, quantity, hazard code and container type. As the producer of waste you must provide us with a premises code provided by the Environment Agency (unless exempt). You will also need to register your site annually; this is a service we can offer so you don’t have to worry.


  • Medicinal Waste
  • Non-Medicinal Waste
  • Drug Destruction
  • Cytotoxic & Cytostatic Waste

Call the experts

As a waste producer do you know if you are compliant? Do you know how effective or if your waste disposal service represents value for money? Not sure? then talk to Principal Hygiene we can help you with advice and support ensuring you have the right services in place that delivers value for money, is compliant and meets your waste disposal needs.

Get a Clinical quote today or call us to discuss further, If you are unsure about the type of container you should be using or you have a mixed waste stream call us, we are on hand to provide advice and support.

Waste Compliance Service

Your Waste: The law is very clear if you do not have a premises code; we will be unable to remove your waste. You should also have a pre-Acceptance Audit in place, we understand legislation can be very confusing for many customers that’s why we offer our Waste Compliance Service, we take care of your Premises Registration, Pre-acceptance Audit, Legislation Updates etc., we keep you compliant leaving you free to manage your business. For more information, call us today for a chat.

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