Nursery Waste Disposal

Our nappy waste disposal service is packed with great reasons why you should choose Principal Hygiene Ltd, to ensure you can change your internal nappy unit frequently we ensure you have a good supply of yellow tiger stripe bags for disposal of your nappy waste.

We can offer a mix of units from external nappy wheelie bins in sizes from 40ltr to 1100ltr, we also offer a free internal nappy unit with many of our external nappy wheelie bins. If you simply require one internal nappy bin we can supply this also on a range of service frequencies.

When it comes to nappy waste disposal we can offer internal and external nappy units, air steril units designed to control and remove malodour through to logo, message or anti slip entrance mats.

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Nappy Disposal Units

Our Range of Nappy Disposal Units

 Nappy Waste Collection Services

  • Sanitary bin servicing
  • Odour Control Solutions
  • Infection Control Solutions
  • Hand Washing & Drying Options
  • Air Care Fragrances
  • Supplies – Aprons, Gloves, Toilet Tissues etc.
  • Commercial Waste Collection
  • Recycling Waste Collections
  • Confidential Waste Collection and so much more

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