When did you last have a Legionella Risk Assessment?

HSE Guidelines recommend Legionella Risk Assessments be carried out every two years to reduce the risks of Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal form of Pneumonia caused by breathing in contaminated droplets of water. Legionella bacteria is carried through water, and if present in your workplace it can be fatal.

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  • Do you know the date of your last Legionella Risk Assessment?
  • Have you noticed the presence of rust, algae and or limescale in your water systems?
  • Do you know if your cold-water temperature is safe?
  • Could your employees and visitors be at risk?

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Our Legionella Bacteria Risk Assessment Includes:

  • A full site survey of entire water system, including all hot and cold water outlets and the inspection of the cold-water storage tanks, hot water heaters and other at risk systems.
  • A full breakdown of any risks identified within the system.
  • A review of the current monitoring procedures.
  • Recommendations to remove or reduce each risk.
  • A full asset register of all outlets in the water system plus water temperatures of each outlet.
  • A full schematic drawing of the water system and pipe work layout.
  • Free Electronic Logo Book/s.
  • Our Legionella Risk Assessments are Fully compliant with the HSE guidance in ACOP-L8 ‘The control of legionella bacteria in water systems’, the technical guidance in HSG274 to BS8580 standards.

How we support you after your Legionella Risk Assessment:

We will call and or arrange a meeting to discuss your risk assessment – the purpose is to;

  • Discuss any questions you may have arising from the assessment.
  • Discuss Log book/s procedure/s.
  • Discuss any recommendations and or remedial work.
  • Agree annual review date of Log Book/s.
  • Offer ongoing support & guidance.
  • Discuss Water Testing Programmes – if required.
  • Discuss Sanitising & Monitoring Services – if required.
  • Discuss Legionella Awareness Training – if required.

When conducting a Risk Assessment, it is the responsibility of our assessors to ensure your business/organisation is fully compliant with L8: Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) by recording results and recommending any future actions that may be required.

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