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Dualflow® Hand Dryer – Graphite Black

Fast. Efficient. Stylish. The new Dualflow in Graphite Black looks Stylish, striking and state of the art. If you need a hand dryer with low energy costs, carbon footprint reduction, quiet noise levels of 62dB, fast drying times and a great price tag. Then look no further than the most stylish hands in dryer on [...]

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Machflow® Hand Dryer – Graphite Black

Style, Efficiency and a Great Price The new Machflow in Graphite Black looks both striking and stylish, if you are considering hand dryers for your washroom it has to be the Machflow it ticks every box, with an 80% reduction in energy costs, a 50% annual carbon footprint reduction, a noise level of just 67dB [...]

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The debate between which is better: hand dryers or paper towels has gone on for a while now. Whilst at first it may appear to be a farcical debate, surely they do the same job so there’s no difference right? That couldn't be further from the truth as depending on the environment they are found the issue can [...]

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First aid at work

First Aid Kit First aid is a requirement in all work environments, and its initial objective is to preserve life and then to ensure the continuation of life. A person can suffer a heart attack or stroke or other serious life threatening illness whilst at work. Workers may have conditions or disease and [...]

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Infection Control

Good toilet hygiene reduces the risk of illness, infection and disease, adults and children should practice good hygiene when it comes to matters in the bathroom.

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Infection Control

Cleanliness is crucial in care homes, as when people age they are not as strong and resilient as they once were, and are more vulnerable to the spread of infections.

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