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Tired of the expense of getting your grease traps and drains unblocked? There’s now no reason to allow grease deposits to build up in your drainage systems, resulting in bad odours and blockages which create significant additional operational costs and inefficiencies, not to mention the inconvenience.

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Drain dosing

Dosing Units to meet the most challenging of environments;
•    Battery operated Drain Dosing Unit
•    2 program Mains Powered Drain Dosing Unit
•    9 program Mains Powered Drain Dosing Unit
•    Front Pump Mounted Drain Dosing Unit

Our Drain Dosing Options include:
•    Flexible rental options.
•    Direct purchase only.
•    Rental and maintenance plans.
•    Installation of drain dosing unit, including programming and chemical set up.
•    Annual maintenance checks and cleaning.

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